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Fear not! Even though this item is now sold out, there are still links to related items on this page. (Plus eye candy from the Design Team!)



What a great little kit! And a haul of tiny bottles & tins to get you started filling your Matchbox Cabinet (that's also included in the kit)!

The Matchbox Cabinet is a chipboard set to put together a miniature cabinet with one shelf. Deceptively simple but has lots of uses (like: leave off the cover/door and use it as a small bookcase (or a shrine), or use one of the door (or doorframe with window insert) options on the related collage sheets in place of the chipboard door). See artwork below showing 2 door options.

AND the kit includes THREE collage sheets:
- Matchbox Cabinet Doors Half Sheet
- Vintage Pantry Labels Half Sheet
- Matchbox Cabinet Windows Half Sheet (printed on clear transparency!)

And all those bottles? There are so many things in the kit (13, actually!) that it's easier to just show you all of them.

See the "We Also Recommend" section below for photos/links to most of the items in the kit that are also available to purchase separately. Check this custom search to see photos of all of them.

AND: all the items in the kit are On Sale, too!


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And remember, here's a link to everything in this month's kit that is also available to buy separately. More coordinating goodies (and more artwork) are in the blog post announcing this kit.

Artwork! I love how this kit can be used in so many styles! The Pantry Is Full (see the first wide photo below) by Design Team Member Rhonda Secrist Thomas. More info (and more of that tutorial for making faux canned food — mini preview in the photo) in Rhonda's blog post.

Pocket Grimoire (see the second wide photo below) by Teri Calia, using two new collage sheets also designed for the Matchbox Cabinet! More info in the Teri's blog post.

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