Vintage Pantry Labels Half Sheet

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Product type: Collage Sheets

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Oh, my... so many tiny things packed into this tiny collage sheet! Here goes in trying to capture them all (and some of the bottles they fit):
- 1/2 Inch Wooden Cube Blocks (as a cracker box)
- 12 Tiny Glass Bottles
- Amber Resin Potions Bottle
- Resin Quart Bottles
- Even Tinier Bottles
- Metal Paint Can with Lid
- Pickle Jar with Lid
- White Resin Cocoa Container (which can double as a tea tin)
- Plus 2 vintage corn flakes boxes to fold together!

Most of those bottles are included in the Matchbox Cabinet Kit (and also sold separately)... those not in that kit are linked below (plus a bonus link to the Metal Paint Can... see next paragraph).

See below for one of these labels on a Metal Paint Can with Lid (standing in for a coffee can, which is a good size match in 1:12 scale).

Design Team Member Rhonda Thomas made The Pantry Is Full (see the wide photo below). More info in the blog.

170723SC 170702MatCabkit food can bottle box miniature grocery kitchen coffee jam jelly fruit honey milk condensed heinz mince meat ketchup peas vegetbles pickles apricot 201108NB corn flakes oatmeal spice rack 230108RT