Matchbox Cabinet Windows Half Sheet

Product type: Collage Sheets

Tags: Digi, Dollhouse Miniatures, Halfpg



Cute stuff! Window panes designed to fix the door of the Matchbox Cabinet (so the thin cutline is 2" x 3"). You can use a door frame from from the Matchbox Cabinet Doors Half Sheet with one of these windows (printed on clear transparency) to make a door with a faux glass window. (So you can see your little scene inside the cabinet through the closed door.)

Idea: you could color the windows (still printed on transparency) with markers to make faux stained glass windows.

This sheet is also included in the Matchbox Cabinet Kit; see all the other kit components available to buy separately.

Design Team Member Rhonda Secrist Thomas made The Pantry Is Full (see the wide photo below). More info in the blog.