Alpha Stamps came into existence as only an Internet business could. A group of San Francisco Bay Area Web and print designers who met online trading ATCs or Artist’s Trading Cards recognized an unfilled market niche, and their ability to fill it. Alpha Stamps allows these designers to create interesting work without the constraints of serving a client's business, giving them the ability to follow their own muse.

Recognizing that no creative venture can be run by committee someone has to be the leader. Leslie Elledge is the Alpha Alpha Stamper; she designed the Web site between the activities of her own design company, Capacis. She is also the principal designer and vets other designers work.

In a leafy bower deep in the heart of Martinez, CA, together with the other Alpha Stampers and a few elves, we develop new and interesting products, fulfill your orders, keep the presses oiled and the stamps inked.

Legal Details

Alpha Stamps is a registered trademark of Capacis, Inc.