Haunted Village Collage Sheet Set

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Product type: Collage Sheets

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This is a special set with ALL ELEVEN collage sheets by Laura Carson announced with the 2015 Haunted Village Halloween Event! Some of these collage sheets are also in the Haunted House Kit and Haunted House Add-On Kit.

Here's a link to see all 11 of these collage sheets.

Some of these sheets also have corresponding digital file sets (silhouetted .png format files):

- Ghoul & Sons Chemist Set
- Grizelda's House of Beauty Set
- Happy Bat Tavern Set
- Old Windows & Doors Set
- Retching Toad Eatery Set
- Thrifty Witch Set

But... the whole point of these goodies being in a set (well, maybe two points):
you can buy them all with one click AND they are at a discounted price!

Even considering the sale prices (as everything in this set has just been put On Sale!), if you buy all these items individually it would cost $42.02 (that's the price for the cardstock version, but the other media are similarly reduced).

Exclusive to Alpha Stamps by Artfully Musing.

Haunted Village Collage Sheet Set AFMG