Haunted Village Collage Sheet Set - Part 2

Collections: ALL Halloween

Product type: Collage Sheets

Tags: Artfully Musing, csst, Digi, Halloween



This is a special set with ALL SIX new collage sheets by Laura Carson announced with PART TWO of the 2015 Haunted Village Halloween Event!

All six collage sheets in this second set:
- Black Cat Emporium Collage Sheet
- Buzzard Bed & Breakfast Collage Sheet
- Cadaver & Digger Undertakers Collage Sheet
- Grimsley Village Collage Sheet
- Blank Signs & Plaques Collage Sheet
- More Spooky Windows Collage Sheet

See the "We Also Recommend" section, below, for links/pics.

These sheets also have corresponding digital file sets (silhouetted .png format files):

- Black Cat Emporium Set Download
- Buzzard Bed & Breakfast Set Download
- Cadaver & Digger Undertakers Set Download
- Grimsley Village Set Download
- Blank Signs & Plaques Set Download
- Spooky Windows Set Download

But back to this collage sheet set: the whole point of these goodies being in a set (well, maybe two points): you can buy them all with one click AND they are at a discounted price!

Even considering the sale prices (as everything in this set has just been put On Sale!), if you buy all these items individually it would cost $22.92 (that's the price for the cardstock version, but the other media are similarly reduced).

Exclusive to Alpha Stamps by Artfully Musing.