Fairy Tale Book Covers Collage Sheet

Product type: Collage Sheets

Tags: Arabian Nights, ATCs, Bird CSs, Book Covers, Cats, Children's Books, Digi



A wide range of themes here, but all are united by the ornate Victorian style I tend to gravitate toward. From an odd Fairy Tales enacted solely by cats (by the ever-intriguing Louis Wain) to 2 French books, Andersen's Fairy Tales (love all that red and black!) and a blackbird cover that could easily become a Halloween mini album.

Note: most of these fit the cover of the new ATC Sized Faux Book Box (a bit larger than an ATC, but they could also be cropped for using on ATCs).

Fairy Tale Book Covers Collage Sheet cat louis wain vintage victorian andersen's crow raven french aladdin mother goose 170108LC 170108LC CBIL