Written Memories Kit - February 2022 - SOLD OUT

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The Mini Wrapping Paper Storage Chest Kit was the final kit in this series! Kits will be back after a break (they are being updated... you'll just need to wait for the announcement for more details)! Kits from previous months are still available for purchasing until sold out.

Thanks to everyone who has been a subscriber (even some who signed up on day 1 in 2013)!



Aw... how sweet is that? A new mini book (more of a hidden drawer for a tinier book or some tiny love letters) and a new collage sheet with options for covering the book. And then I kinda went crazy with tiny trims to coordinate (with the book(s) and the new Written Memories papers)! Note: 1 each of all 6 double-sided designs from the 6x6 paper pad are included in the kit.

Scroll way down and you can see a trio of photos with the book box and the tiny accordion book that fits inside. Note: 1 of the 6x6 papers in the kit include tiny 2" tall images (on both sides, so 24 different options) that can be used on the accordion book). Two photos above show those tiny images.

What else... new tiny silk ribbons! Note that 3 different colors are in the kit (a yard of each) and I've shown an idea above for tying a loop of ribbon around the matchbox insert. There are actually 7 new colors of these pretty ribbons today, so check all of today's new items to see more.

Oh... back to the new Matchbox Book Covers Collage Sheet: Covers designed for the slipcase cover in the Matchbox Letter Box sets. From Longfellow to Jane Austen. Plus a few Regency-era fashion plates (that fit the height of the 2 Inch Accordion Books that's related to that box set.

Also included:
- 3 new charms with a writing theme
- 2 new narrow silver Dresden trims (2 strips of each are in the kit)
- A set of beautiful new cameos (tiny!)
- 2 teeny tiny metallic filigree pieces

Whew! See the "We Also Recommend" section below for photos/links to all FIFTEEN items in the kit for more info and in case you want to buy them separately..

Plus check out the TON of larger photos above (scroll right on the thumbnails under the main photo to see all the options).

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