White Dresden Border Sampler Set

Product type: Paper

Tags: Dresden



Lots of widths and designs in a mix of matte white and iridescent white. And you don't need to leave them white! See the samples above for ideas on coloring them with Alcohol Inks (recommended for the iridescent strips so you don't lose the pearly luster), Metallic Distress Stain (antiqued with a bit of Black Gilders Paste) or plain 'ole acrylic paint. (Thanks to Design Team Members Laura Carson and Rhea Freitag for the sample magic.)

Seven 10" strips (7 strips of 5 designs... you get 2 strips each of the 2 tiny ones)

180304TC 190908LB 130602lc1 130822ga 140529LMU 150301KBT 150319SMT 150322LTP thin looped half round iridescent zig zag fleur baroque 151029SLP 160211TLT 160214LCS 190929RT 160313BSG 160317TMG 160320BTH 160413BMC 160804LC 170326TC 170913LC 190303LM 180429DrssShpkit 180204PnkThrkit 180405NB 181213BC 181213BC 181202xmsnoslgkit 181209RT 181123RT 220127new 210722SC 180415KB 200301KB 191117SK 181216NB 180506SC 190822RT 220320RT 240317RT