Tea Light Gothic Window Set

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Product type: Collage Supplies

Tags: Architectural, Die-Cut Frames & Windows, Halloween, Wood



Laser-cut & etched fancy gothic window with tabs to fit into a base that can hold a tea light.

The 2-layer base is just 2 separate layers, one with a round hole cut to sit the tea light into (plan on gluing the 2 layers together, and note that they have a slight curve at the back so line them up before gluing). Also: the tea light just sits in the round indentation. You will need to pick it up to turn it off and on.

Each piece comes with a protective paper cover on the front and back; just peel off before using (the tabs are a tight fit into the slots so you will need to remove the paper).

Note: be careful when inserting the window tabs into the base (push on the bottom horizontal bar and NOT the sides of the window). Trust me: I learned the hard way.

The top round hole can fit an 18mm glass cab, but could be used without the cab too (see one of the photos above for an example; it is a snug fit and my sample is not glued).

There is also a collage sheet with images that can be used behind the wooden window, see the link below. Note: the window in this set is larger than the (similar design) in the Etched Gothic Window.