Taj Mahal Triptych

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Product type: Collage Supplies

Tags: Die-Cut Frames & Windows, Triptychs

NOTE: Items cut from the thicker chipboard burn easily so the laser-cutting process may leave charcoal residue behind. Save yourself a headache, and just wipe the cut edges of these items down with a dry paper towel before assembling or painting. (Note: the chipboard color may have changed since the photo was taken.)



Similar to the Arch Top Reliquary Triptychs, with overlays that include columns and dotted borders.

Set of 6 pieces (3 solid backs and 3 front panels with open centers) laser cut from heavy chipboard.

Approx 7" tall. Shown a variety of ways in photos above (like with the overlays on the outside of the 2 closed "doors").

Also shown with the related Taj Mahal Folding Card.

Design Team Member Lora Mahaffey made The Seraglio (see the wide photo below). More info in the blog.

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