Small Hinged Tins Triptych Frame

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Product type: Collage Supplies

Tags: Die-Cut Frames & Windows, Triptychs



A cute set of 3 chipboard frames, laser cut from heavy chipboard. Use them singly or hinge them together to make a standing triptych.

This set was inspired by artwork by Kristin Batsel and I designed them to fit the Small Hinged Tins. You can also use them as a folding photo frame (or whatever else you can dream up).

Note: the windows will fit either the lids or the bottoms of the tins. Also shown with a 5/8" wooden block: the perfect size to help prop up the tins (while gluing or permanently affixed as stands).

Alice in Wonderland Triptych by Rhonda Secrist Thomas. See the Supply List.

More info is in the blog.

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