Secret Garden Kit - May 2020 - SOLD OUT

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Ready for making a miniature secret garden?

Miniature as in: it fits inside an Altoids Tin?! (Yes, a tin is also included in this kit!)

There are 3 new Altoids Inserts: One of them is included in this kit (the Ivy Corner Insert) Pretty leaves to overlay whatever garden you hide inside.

There's also FOUR 6x6 cuts from the new Spring Bloom Scrapbook Paper Set included in the kit (lots of options for background greenery or florals — or garden-themed words to cover the inside or outside of your tin).

AND there's a new Mini Green Leaves laser-cut leaf set today! Sized for an Altoids Tin (with ferns, ivy, and some swirly fourishes). Note: the new set comes with 2 sheets (2 colors of cardstock) but just the darker color sheet is in the kit.

And finally: two new collage sheets:
- Garden Rhymes Tin Covers has images sized for the outside of a Blank Altoids Tin (with a bit of margin around the edges for showing background paper). Illustrations include Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes (Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary (or Mistress Mary is used on one of the quotes), My Pretty Maid, Little Bo Peep) and Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales (Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White).
- Signage & Doors for Tin Covers has a ton of doors in various sizes for hidden entrances to a fairy garden (they just need greenery slathered all over them to hide them a bit and add some color). Also includes a couple wide images of fences with gates that could wrap around the front and sides of a tin (or inside the tin as part of the hidden garden inside). Plus signs for "Secret Garden", "Fairy Garden" and "Mushroom Manor".

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