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NOTE: Items cut from the thicker chipboard burn easily so the laser-cutting process may leave charcoal residue behind. Save yourself a headache, and just wipe the cut edges of these items down with a dry paper towel before assembling or painting. (Note: the chipboard color may have changed since the photo was taken.)

Fear not! Even though this item is now sold out, there are still links to related items on this page. (Plus eye candy from the Design Team!)



Yay! More Christmas ornaments! There are eight new designs of Round Chipboard Ornament Layers Sets — and 2 of my favorites are in this kit:
- Flying Sleigh Ornament Layers
- Hanging Stockings Ornament Layers (how cute it that? A cat is putting up his/her Christmas stocking!)

Each of the ornament sets includes 2 laser-cut chipboard shapes (and clear plastic low-profile domes) to make an ornament that you can put glitter, sequins, micro beads (slices of polymer canes?) inside!

The set comes with 2 heavy chipboard outer rings, 2 clear plastic domes, and a die-cut (lighter weight chipboard) silhouetted insert to sandwich in the middle of your ornament.

Or you can put paper behind that silhouette (which allows you to use 2 silhouettes (one on each side of the ornament) or a different collage sheet image on the flipside).

Super easy to glue together (just be patient and let the glue dry overnight or your glitter may get stuck around the edges of the dome). Instructions included (short and sweet!)

And here's what Teri Calia said after making the cute samples shown below: "I love making them, it's easy and fun!"

PLUS this kit includes TWO new collage sheets! Both have 2-1/2" diameter circles that fit the Chipboard Ornament Layer Sets.

Snowy Winter Day Ornaments Collage Sheet
Aw... look at all those cuties! I chose images of kids (or Santa) outside in the snow. So you can add glitter as faux snow to shake around in your ornaments. Plus some phrases to layer overtop from vintage postcards (and that holly bow fits perfectly over the top edge of any of the circles, with a few bits of leaves overlapping onto the image).

Gnome & Mushroom Ornaments Collage Sheet
A slightly different take on Christmas (and very cute)! Tons of images of gnomes getting ready for Christmas. I particularly like the ones with a tiny gnome pushing or rolling a mushroom almost as big as he is.

AND 2 more items are in the kit:
- Round Ornaments Ribbon Set (7 yards of festive ribbons!)
- Winter Snow Glitter Mix (A custom mix of glitter, micro beads and Diamond Dust with just a tinge of light blue. Very sparkly!)

See the "We Also Recommend" section below for photos/links to all of the items in the kit, also available to purchase separately.

AND: all the items in the kit are On Sale, too!


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Teri Calia made Shaker Ornaments (see the wide photo below — and the photo of the cat hanging a stocking above). More info in the blog and/or see the supply list.

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