Retro Xmas Round Ornaments Collage Sheet

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NOTE: these 2-1/2" diameter round images also fit "Art Coins". See more collage sheets with similarly-sized images.



Images sized to fit the Chipboard Ornament Layers or Ornament Frame Sets (these are 2-5/8" diameter circles - a bit of extra margin was added for the 2-1/2" diameter windows in those chipboard ornaments).

Wow! There is so much mid-century cute here you may faint!

This sheet is also included in the Ornament Frame Set Kit; see all the other kit components.

Collage sheets designed by Wendy Anderson are under the name Polliwog & Dragonfly

Teri Calia made a Christmas Ornament (see the wide photo below). More info in the blog and/or see the supply list (that's the supply list for 2 ornaments, both by Teri and in the same blog post)..

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