Quote Bubbles for Altoids Tins Collage Sheet Set

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Product type: Collage Sheets

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Bonus! This is a 2-sheet set! Not only a template to make a little pocket with overlay (to keep a stash of different quote bubble cards) but also a set of 8 vintage photos with crazy expressions! One is the photo Kristin Batsel used in her artwork that inspired this mayhem (see below). Plus some extra little text strips and fancy labels for the front of your tin!

Some of the nice (and not so nice) quotes:
You're so darn creative!
Gosh, you look swell.
What would I do without you?
I love you like I've been drinking all day.
Whatever you say, darling.

See my photos of how the template works (using white paper, but yours will probably be cut from scrapbook paper).

The color photos are sized for this inside of a Blank Altoids Tin. The template is sized to fit inside the lid.

insert photo pocket affirmation