QS Dollhouse Furniture Half Sheet

Product type: Collage Sheets

Tags: Digi, Dollhouse Miniatures, Halfpg



Wow! Tons of tiny things on a small sheet! Beside bunches of tiny furniture, there are 4 wallpaper strips sized for the QS Dollhouse Ornament (QS is Quarter Scale, aka 1:48 scale).

Note that wallpaper in the lower right corner: it fits inside the dollhouse as wallpaper plus ceiling and flooring.

Since these are teeny tiny, the printed version of this sheet is on a lighter weight 24 lb laser stock (the normal 80 lb stock is just too heavy to fold)! This collage sheet is half a US letter-sized page (5-1/2" x 8-1/2")

This sheet is also included in the Dollhouse Ornament Kit; see all the other kit components available to buy separately.

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