Miniature Tooth Fairy Letter Collage Sheet

Product type: Collage Sheets

Tags: Digi, Gnomes & Fairies CSs, Pixie Hill



The Tooth Fairy needs your assistance! Select one of the two letter options. Fold letter into thirds to fit into envelope. Remember to check the appropriate excuse box if using letter No. 2 (an apology for late tooth pick-up).

Cut out envelope shape and fold along the fine dotted lines. Glue edges to form envelope. Add stamps and name of addressee on front.

Don't forget to personalize the certificate, too!

NOTE: since these are miniature, the printed version of this sheet is on a lighter weight 24 lb laser stock (the normal 80 lb stock is just too heavy at this scale!)

Exclusive to Alpha Stamps by Nichola Battilana.

Miniature Tooth Fairy Letter Collage Sheet PXHL