Mini Wrapping Paper Storage Chest Kit - December 2022 - SOLD OUT

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Ah... More 1:12 scale miniatures for Christmas!

There are TWELVE different items in this kit! Let's start with the Gift Wrap Storage Chest. How cute is this?! A set of scored and laser-cut chipboard pieces to fold (and glue) together a 1:12 scale chest (with a lid and an insert tray). See the extra photos above for a couple ideas (using the Xmas Wrapping Paper for adding rolls of wrapping paper or the Storage Chest Labels for labels sized to fit the chest). Yes! Both of those collage sheets are also in the kit!

Next, let's discuss that insert tray (that I removed in the main photo and filled with colorful pearls plus a tiny metal tin, 3 brass stars and 2 candy canes! (Yep, all in the kit!)

Moving on to paper: I'm including a sheet of the Mini Wallpaper Prints A4 Scrapbook Paper. It has prints that coordinate with the labels for the outside of the chest. I'd suggest using this paper on the sides of your box (behind the labels — or maybe just put a label on the front). The paper is a bit thick to try rolling as tiny wrapping paper. Note: I'm slicing the sheet along the rows (3 ATC-sized rectangles per row) so that it will fit better for U.S. post (there's also a photo above).

Finally, FOUR different ribbons (half a yard of each). Maybe tie a bow around some of those rolls of paper (or wrap some tiny gift boxes then add a bow). Or maybe roll them up on tiny spools and include them in your buttoned-up, closed chest full of future Christmas tree trimmings.

Whew! See the "We Also Recommend" section below for photos/links to all the items in the kit, for more info and in case you want to buy them separately.

Plus check out the larger photos above (scroll right on the thumbnails under the main photo to see all the options). Note: I mixed in some extra wrapping paper prints in some of the later photos (that show 8 or more rolls in the box); you can find the extra prints here.

Here's a link to all the items in this month's kit. More coordinating goodies are in the blog post announcing this kit.