Natural Mica Sheets

Product type: Collage Supplies

Tags: Miscellaneous



Natural-color mica. These sheets make a nostalgic window when laid over a photo (they are transparent with a tan color cast). You can peel off thinner sheets easily with your fingernail (see one of the additional photos; mica is a mineral with crystals that align themselves in flat layers).

It can be cut and curved if heated (it's also a good insulator so is a safe window over/around a candle).

Tear, die-cut, or trim with scissors. Mica can be embossed, stamped, painted, collaged, used as photo transfer canvas, and adhered to virtually any surface.

An old-school electrical insulating material, also used as window material in wood-burning stoves. Also known as "isinglass" (the "surrey with the fringe on top" had isinglass curtains).

1 ounce package (1-2 thick layered pieces, approx 2" x 3": each piece can be peeled apart into approx 15-20 sheets)

Design Team Member Kristin Batsel made a Tiny 3D Haunted House (see the wide photo below). More info (including a tombstone tutorial) in the blog and/or see the supply list.

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