Large Haunted House Add-On Kit - SOLD OUT

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Fear not! Even though this item is now sold out, there are still links to related items on this page. (Plus eye candy from the Design Team!)



This kit is related to the Mini Haunted House Kit.

This kit contains:
- Large Haunted House Frame Set (A haunted house shape with windows cut out (and a flat/solid house shape as a back). Note: see the bottom of this page for an option of this kit without this house frame set.)
- The related Large Haunted House Window Trims

3 Collage Sheets!
- Ghost in the Window Collage Sheet
- Shabby Architecture #1 Collage Sheet
- Shabby Architecture #2 Collage Sheet

Note: the collage sheets in the kit are printed on cardstock. If you'd like any of those collage sheets printed on other media (or as digital downloads) you'll need to purchase them separately.

THREE 12" x 12" scrapbook papers with brick, stone or wood patterns.

While I'm explaining all these components, everything in this add-on kit is also available to buy separately (until sold out). See the "We Also Recommend" section, below, for links/pics.

But... the whole point of these goodies being in a kit (well, maybe two points): you can buy them all with one click AND they are at a discounted price!

Even considering the sale prices (as everything in the kit has just been put On Sale!), if you buy all these items individually it would cost $27.49 (for the frame set version).

NOTE: You can purchase this same kit, but with the Large Haunted House Shadowbox (instead of the Large Haunted House Frame Set) for $8.00 more. The facade with windows is exactly the same in both products, just the back changes from a flat piece to a kit to build a shadowbox.

Both versions contain the same products other than the main house: window trims, 3 collage sheets, 3 scrapbook papers.

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