Indoor Fashions of the 1780s Collage Sheet

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I am bemused by these illustrations. The style of skirt seems a transition from the excesses of pannier skirts to... well, they did not know how soon corsets and petticoats would be making a (brief) exit entirely from fashionable ladies' closets (in the early 19th century).

And in some of these skirts, it seems they had all this extra fabric that used to be over side hoops that they just didn't know what to do with... so they just pulled in back into a huge wad in the back (too early for a true bustle style).

And then there are the giant mob-cap hats over grey-powdered hair.

Anyway... I love the deep colors in these illustrations. And all the details of the rooms they are in will make fine details in the background of a collage.

Georgian Ladies Parlor by Laura Carson; See the Supply List.

More info in the blog.

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