Hidden Drawer Book Box with Shelves

Collections: 3D Chipboard

Product type: Collage Supplies

Tags: Die-Cut 3D

NOTE: Items cut from the thick, light-grey chipboard burn easily so the laser-cutting process may leave charcoal residue behind. Save yourself a headache, and just wipe the cut edges of these items down with a dry paper towel before assembling or painting. (The material may have changed since the photo was taken.)



This is similar to the Hidden Drawer Book Box (with the same height of 6-1/4"), except this version has shelves! The height between the shelves is just over 1-1/4".

Laser cut from sturdy chipboard. Assembly is required, but it's super easy with a slat and groove system. You'll need to apply quality glue to keep everything in place.

The photos show one put together but this set arrives flat.

A Witch's Book of Spells with a Secret by Teri Calia. Note: this was made using an earlier version of this book box with shelves. See the Supply List.

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