Halloween Clock Spinners Collage Sheet

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Wow! There are enough orange and black retro Halloween images here to get you through the entire season!

These are mainly "spinners" sized to use the little pivot hole in the the chipboard grandfather clock (available in the Victorian Furniture Chipboard Set, see link below). A couple are traditional moon dials that work with the half circle cut in that chipboard clock. But most of these are much larger (and tall and skinny) spinners that show the image up above the top of the clock. Some can be hidden (nothing shows above the clock till you spin the image around 180 degrees). Others have images on both ends (so you could have a dashing cat (in top hat no less) showing above the clock, or spin him around and have an owl instead).

Design Team Member Shannon Cooper made a Spinning Clock and Five Little Pumpkins Shadowbox using this collage sheet (see the wide photo below). More info in the blog and/or see the supply list.

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