Half Scale Gryphon Trestle Table

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Product type: Miniatures

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How cute is that?! This would be perfect for a half-scale wizard's office.

A smaller version of the Gryphon Table (with a similar double trestle base, and extra wings to give the gryphons more dimension. Also note the thinner chipboard piece that can be glued on top as a blotter or decorative overlay.

Note: the extra wings on the table photographed have been added to both the inside and outside of the gryphon's body, but they could also be doubled-up on the outside.

Finished size is approx. 1-3/8" tall x 3 wide x 1-1/2" deep.

Note: this will ship in a flat sheet: almost completely cut out, save a tiny (1/8") spot that you can snip with scissors or a sharp blade. Keeps all the pointy details from being banged up during transit.

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