Greek Goddess ABCs Collage Sheet Set

Product type: Collage Sheets

Tags: csst, Digi, Mythology



With a name like Alpha Stamps it only seemed natural to create an alphabet of stamps. Here are twenty eight Goddesses, or at least women from mythology, each beautifully rendered with their defining accessories. Each image is a line drawing in the classic style framed by two columns and entablature.

Two-sheet set. Images include: Artemis, Bacchante, Clio, Daphne, Erato, Fortune, Graces, Hebe, Isis, Juno, Kore, Leda, Melpomene, Nyx, Oceanid, Polyhymnia, Rhea, Sibyl, Terpsichore, Urania, Venus, Xantho, Athena, Calliope, Demeter, Eurydice, Fates and Galatea.

Greek Goddess ABCs Collage Sheet digital 130324sts MYTH