Chocolate Shop Set Download

Product type: Digital Images

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Digital files can be resized, rotated or flipped as needed. These files are in .png format. PNG format files have a transparent background so are easy to layer over other digital images.

This is a digital download only (although related images available as printed collage sheets may be linked below). Drop shadows are only on previews, all items are 300 dpi. Usage information.



This digital image set includes items to decorate the inside and outside of a chocolate, patisserie or cake shop. There are a total of 75 images including the ones found on the Chocolate Shop & the Chocolate Shop Bags & Boxes collage sheets. Included are:

- Paris Shop Scene

- Wrought Iron Door

- Clock

- 15 Posters

- 6 Signs

- 2 Window Glass Signs (These fit the 2 column and large center window rectangular bay windows)

- 7 Bags & Boxes

- 4 Invoices

- Five sets of easy to assemble window awnings in three styles. Two of the styles come in both a large and small size. Included are trim pieces with lettering and trim without allowing you to customize the trim. The awnings fit the three styles of Rectangular Bay Windows, or you can use them over the windows and doors of the French Quarter 2-Story Room Box.

Set of 75.

Exclusive to Alpha Stamps by Artfully Musing.

Design Team Member Laura Carson made A Chocolate Shop, Chocolatier for her Streets of Paris project (see the wide photo below). More info in the blog and/or see the supply list.

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