Art Nouveau Folding Screen Kit - July 2022

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What a lovely kit! Beautiful colors (including a set of TWENTY papers), a new collage sheet with colorful vintage images, TWO sets of new chipboard items and a set of teeny tiny flat-back pearls to add some texture and shine!

The new Art Nouveau Brocade Mini Paper Set inspired this kit. A pretty set of 20 different sheets, each printed on one side. Perfect for cutting into mini book pages or texture in the background of a collage.

Also new: Mini Art Nouveau Screen Set: A petite version of the 3-Panel Art Nouveau Screen (also new today), laser-cut from mid-weight chipboard. Note that there are 2 solid "backs" the same size as the main screen, but one is partially cut down the center. You can ignore the cuts and paper over the center (and use the 3 pieces as a accordion book or even a folding screen with wide side panels). If you finish cutting the piece, you can use the two halves as doors or as narrow panels for a standing screen.

The new Art Nouveau Folding Screen Panels Collage Sheet includes 3 large images that fit the center panel of the 3-Panel Art Nouveau Screen; plus 3 smaller images for the center of the Mini Art Nouveau Screen (plus a couple extra smaller images). Note: the 2 sets of side panels can fit both sizes of 3-panel screens.

Finally, the new Art Nouveau Mini Screen Trims: There are two corner pieces and 4 tall "leaf" sections. See the photos above for some options to mix-and-match them with the mini screen (and more ideas on the trims page).

Whew! See the "We Also Recommend" section below for photos/links to all FIVE items in the kit, for more info and in case you want to buy them separately.

Plus check out the larger photos above (scroll right on the thumbnails under the main photo to see all the options).

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