Altoids Tin Insert Frames - Alice

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So cute! Custom cut to fit inside an Altoid's tin (well.. the blank ones we carry; an actual Altoid's tin is a hair wider than our blank ones).

Instructions: You have to kinda tilt it to slip it in. Then hook a finger inside and pull it forward to snug it up against the front. It stays put pretty well but I would add glue to it for a permanent assembly.

Includes a frame with the Cheshire cat in bare tree branches, another with a mushroom frame, and a third with The Mad Hatter's tea party. Use them as silhouettes in front of a colorful scene, or paint them like in Kristin's fun art sample below.

Set of 3 designs, as shown, cut from medium-weight chipboard.

Alice at Tea by Kristin Batsel. See the Supply List.

For more information see the blog.

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