3-Piece Tea Set

Product type: Miniatures

Tags: 1:12 Misc, Cast Metal, Kitchen

NOTE: these are unfinished, cast metal pieces (they may need to be sanded and/or have tiny holes filled in before painting or finishing).

You can leave them silver colored or repaint them. And painting can be easily done: just spray paint them!

And don't forget to wash them (just soap and water... but probably with an old toothbrush, too) to get rid of any oil or mold-release residue so the paint will stick well.



Aw... a cute little tea set. Suitable for 1:12 scale (the teapot is 11/16" tall).

Set of 3 pieces.

Design Team Member Laura Carson made Display Furniture for an Antique Shop (see the wide photo below). More info in the blog and/or see a second post about the shop structure, including wall paintings.

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