1/4 Scale Tiny People

Product type: Miniatures

Tags: Smaller Scales

This item is smaller than 1:12 or 1:24 scale. Note: if you're interested in Half Inch Scale, there's a 1:24 Scale Category (there are many 1:12 scale categories as that is the bulk of the miniatures).



A mix of standing and sitting positions, but mainly standing. And a mix of men and women.

1:50 scale but that works just fine for 1:48 scale (1/4 scale); about 1-1/4" tall.

Easy to paint (you can just spray paint as a base color or as the finished color... or leave white for ghosts... or just add a bit of red for zombies).

Also shown in additional photos (above) with a 1/4 Scale Park Bench and a man from Tinier Tiny People.

Set of 10 (mixed poses).

Design Team Member Shannon Cooper made Bus Stop, 1950 (see the wide photo below, and yes that's in an Altoids Tin lid). More info in the blog and/or see the supply list.

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