Dollhouse for a Dollhouse - Hinged

Product type: Miniatures

Tags: Smaller Scales, Toys

This item is smaller than 1:12 or 1:24 scale. Note: if you're interested in Half Inch Scale, there's a 1:24 Scale Category (there are many 1:12 scale categories as that is the bulk of the miniatures).



A sweet dollhouse (painted wood) with a front facade that opens to reveal 2 floors (and the little roof can tilt back a little, too, to access the attic room).

Note: there is a Tiny Dollhouse Scenes Collage Sheet designed with room scenes to fit inside the rooms of this dollhouse. See link below. There are also a couple photos above with some tiny 1:144 scale cast metal props.

This item is in Dollhouse 1:12 Scale (but since it is sized to fit inside a dollhouse, it is 1:144 scale).

Shown below in Laura Carson's Victorian Toy Shoppe. See the Supply List. For more information see the blog.

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