Wall Sconce Victorian Coach Lamp

Product type: Miniatures

Tags: Building Materials, Lights, Smaller Scales



A fancy design (cast plastic with LED light).

Approx. 43mm tall. Half inch scale though can also work for a small light in 1:12 scale.

Note: this is the LED lantern with 2 bare wires (there is no adapter for a battery soldered on). Wires are 6" long. Requires a 3 volt battery.

Sold individually.

Marie Opera Comique Theatre by Tristan Robin Blakeman; See the Supply List.

More info in the blog.

Shown below in Laura Carson's Victorian Toy Shoppe. See the Supply List. For more information see the blog.

161103LC 220618LCL 160124MCT 3v 3volt 151127LTS 220626LCL