Tiny Vintage Letters & Postage Collage Sheet

Product type: Collage Sheets

Tags: Digi, Dollhouse Miniatures, Early 20th Century Fashions



Tiny envelopes and postcards; some with both sides of the envelope in case you want to make a tiny prop for a dollhouse scene. Many are from the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition (that was held in San Francisco).

NOTE: since these are teeny tiny, the printed version of this sheet is on a lighter weight 24 lb laser stock (the normal 80 lb stock is just too heavy to fold!)

Tiny Traveler by Kristin Batsel. See the Supply List.

More info is in the blog.

old antique 150405VV stamps telegram postcard PPIE 150405KTT 150410TSS 150416SVV 150419LEA 160821AC 150423CPB 150426RDC 150531SBM 150705kbt 150725swc 210128SC 160515LCS 160926TC 220220RT 170326TC 220911LCGL