Seam Binding Set - Art Nouveau Colors

Product type: Collage Supplies

Tags: Ribbons



A beautiful, subtle palette. The inspiration from a snippet of the Art Nouveau Advertising Collage Sheet is shown above.

100% rayon. Silky and drapey. 9/16" wide.

Sold as a 5 Yard Set (1 yard each of 5 colors).

Design Team Member Daniela Costa made The Bunny's House and Farmhouse Mini Album (see the wide photo below). More info in the blog and/or see the supply list.

Serbin Brown green Camel Hair ecru tan Grecian Pink peach Soapstone Beige Mottle 120101aliceGA 120126tutorial mermaidcastle 121123YTorn 120512LCfns 120812LEmds 130417nff 130526RFjb 130929kit 130929coh 130929kbh 130929lch 131110rfj 131229rwk 131229ald 131229cpd 140109rfl 140112lcd 140313ccb 150201CaaB 150215FNB 150319SPMK 150809retxmas 151004CHC 151217COH 161211RT 170205COH 190328SK 190324RT 190321DC 190404EL 190523EM 190620RT 190822RT 190922RT 191219SK