Open Front Room Box

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NOTE: Items cut from the thicker chipboard burn easily so the laser-cutting process may leave charcoal residue behind. Save yourself a headache, and just wipe the cut edges of these items down with a dry paper towel before assembling or painting. (Note: the chipboard color may have changed since the photo was taken.)



These diorama boxes are laser cut from sturdy chipboard. The room itself is an ample 10" tall x 10" wide. And with the extra 2" above the "room", that facade will give you space to add signage or more faux brickwork (or whatever wall treatment you give your "building").

Assembly is required, but it's super easy with a slat and groove system. You'll need to apply quality glue to keep everything in place.

Beyond the 4" depth inside the "room" there's a 2-1/2" deep apron, in case you'd like to add a table for a sidewalk cafe (or a passerby).

This design is the most versatile of these room boxes, with a big open front "window" (more like a theatre proscenium as it almost takes up the entire front wall).

This item is in Dollhouse 1:12 Scale.

Nutcracker Theatre by Tristan Robin Blakeman; See the Supply List.

More info in the blog.

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