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NOTE: these are unfinished, cast metal pieces (they may need to be sanded and/or have tiny holes filled in before painting or finishing).

You can leave them silver colored or repaint them. And painting can be easily done: just spray paint them!

And don't forget to wash them (just soap and water... but probably with an old toothbrush, too) to get rid of any oil or mold-release residue so the paint will stick well.



Update: still a tiny magnifying glass, but now in raw metal. You can add a bit of black paint (or nail polish) to the handle to match the original look.

This is so dang tiny and cute!

Sold individually.

Design Team Member Laura Carson made an Edgar Allan Poe Study Book Nook (see the wide photo below). More info in the blog and/or see the supply list. Note: you can see just the supplies for the desk set.

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