Mini Moon Book Set*

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How cute is this?! A tiny version of the Solid Moon Book Pages, Haunted House Book Pages, and Expressions Moons Large (linked below, plus one of the photos above shows one of the large moons with one of these small ones as a size comparison).

The solid full-moon pages are a bit odd, and kinda look like crystal balls. Designed to be used with one of the round overlays to allow hanging or binding the round overlays in a book or in a banner.

Note the straight "binding edge" can be used at the top (to hang the "page" in a banner) or at the left (for binding in a book) or bottom (all 3 options are shown).

The solid pages also look like a big full moon when used behind one of the haunted houses.

Also shown above (there are a lot of photos!) are some of the fairies from the 2 collage sheets that are in the kit this chipboard set is in.

Set of 7 (3 solid book pages are the same, the other 4 are all different).

This set is also included in the Man in the Moon Mini Book Kit; see all the other kit components available to buy separately.

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