Decorative Windows Set 1:24

Collections: 3D Chipboard

Product type: Miniatures

Tags: 1:24 Scale, Building Materials, Chipboard Kits



Adorable little windows, each about 1" wide (4 shapes and each has a matching frame to give it dimension, so 8 pieces). Also shown in one of the photos above with the larger Decorative Windows Set 1:12, and houses from the House Oddities Box.

Time to Shop by Caroline Ouzts-Hay. See the Supply List.

For more information see the blog.

Decorative Windows Set 1:24 160201addOH 160201TTS 160225RFH 160214LCS 160313BSG 160207TBH half inch scale 1/2 round panes 160922BT 160929HP 170104SC 210523SC 210520RT 211107RT kindaDS 180429KB 180429RT 180920BL   GND 211205LM