Decorated Coffins with Lids - Set of 3*

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They're back! We've carried these sturdy, pre-decorated coffins for the last few years. (Granted, they only make a brief appearance as they are a popular item!)

These are just silly fun. Well constructed little coffins, though (and you can paint or paper over the colorful designs if you'd like a different look). Each has a lid and is covered inside and out with printed paper. Note: they come in a set of 3 (3 gradiated sizes: the largest is 8-1/2" tall and the smallest is 7" tall, and they can be nested). I'm assuming you crafty types are going to be decorating them/re-papering them, etc... the sets are all 3 of the same design and there are 3 new designs this year; see the photos for the designs.

Set of 3 (see above re: sizes and random design)