Antique Bronze 3D Rabbit Charm

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Product type: Charms & Filigree

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Too cute! The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland! Yes, that is a pocket watch he's holding. And in a suit jacket, shirt, vest and bow tie (and an umbrella under his arm).

Approx 1-3/8" tall.

Sold individually.

The White Rabbit's Hutch by Teri Calia. See the Supply List.

For more information see the blog.

The line-up! I thought it would be useful to see the relative sizes of these 3D Alice in Wonderland charms. From left to right: Bronze 3D Rabbit with Cards, Bronze 3D Alice in Wonderland Herald Rabbit, 3D Bronze Alice in Wonderland Charm, Antique Bronze 3D Rabbit Charm.

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